Coffee and Breakfast Tacos


When you wake up in the morning, is cookware the first thing that pops into your mind? Probably not – chances are, a cup of coffee and maybe a breakfast taco are at the top of your list. Same goes for us actually, but at American Kitchen, making world-class cookware is the reason we get up every day (but the coffee and tacos help).

See….we’re kind of obsessed with food. Whether it’s a skillet of scrambled eggs when you’re half awake or a 4-course meal you’ve been planning for weeks, food is kind of a big deal and we know that the stuff you make can only be as great as the cookware you make it with. That’s why we manufacture the highest quality stainless steel cookware, non-stick cookware, and cast aluminum cookware on the market today.

Small Batches, Better Cookware


It’s easy to think of cookware as something that just magically appears on the shelf at the store – somewhat generic and kind of disposable. And that’s because so much of what’s out there today is just punched out in huge batches by some mass manufacturer with a “celebrity” brand name slapped on it to make you feel like what you’re getting is half decent quality. Spoiler alert – it’s not.

Our cookware is individually hand crafted in small batches by skilled craftspeople in our factory in West Bend, Wisconsin. Whether it’s our popular tri-ply stainless steel line or our newest cast aluminum offerings, we believe in creating products that set the standard of quality in the industry and that’s why every step of our manufacturing process has been meticulously perfected to ensure that each piece of cookware we produce is flawless. And we’ve been doing it that way for decades.

Why American Kitchen?

The-American_WorkforceFor more than 100 years, our parent company, Regal Ware, has been manufacturing cookware that has traveled all over the globe through numerous domestic and international brands. As a family-owned business based in Wisconsin, Regal Ware wanted to create a brand that truly symbolized the spirit of rugged individualism and enduring work ethic of the American workforce. And so, American Kitchen Cookware was born.

With a product line that focuses on the practical, real world needs of cooking enthusiasts everywhere, our goal is simply to be the brand that gets the job done – No marketing hype. No fanfare. We simply deliver great cookware. And we offer a lifetime warranty to back up our commitment.

We believe in producing quality products that perform. We believe in making them accessible to everyone. And we believe in the American worker. That’s why we provide hundreds of jobs for men and women all over the country and we can confidently say that our products are crafted with the same core values and high ethical standards that make “Made in America” the highest statement of manufacturing quality today.



The Word on the Street

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