Brandon Ferguson

Brandon_Ferguson_pictureBrandon is a Regal Ware employee who loves to cook. Since starting his job here, he’s been enjoying finding innovative and fun methods to cook – and pushing his emerging skills to their limits using great cookware.

He began cooking at an early age, “pestering his mom” while she was working in the kitchen. Over the years, he has learned how to make a wide variety of dishes, from healthy meals to not-so-healthy comfort foods.

Brandon loves learning about new foods, how to cook them, and how to make them to fit his household. He’s always up for a challenge to make something new, better, or healthier – and enjoys sharing the dishes that worked well so others can benefit from his testing.

In his kitchen, his two large dogs are in charge of clean-up duty, so he claims he also gets his exercise while cooking, constantly stepping over them while they beg for more food.

His motto: “There is no greater love in life than the love of food.”

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