Britt Kinder

Britt_kinder_pictureBritt is brand-new blogger and established cook who loves to use fresh, local foods and challenges herself to use only nonprocessed or whole foods. Her full-time day job keeps her busy, so she does most of her cooking on the weekends, and finds ingenious uses for leftovers throughout the week.

Whenever possible, Britt likes to cook with locally sourced ingredients. From her CSA, to her garden, to the farmers market, she buys food locally whenever she can afford it. This practice allows her to both support local growers and to explore creative and innovative cooking methods – using seasonal items without waste.

She’s also discovered a rich array of other local food sources, including coworkers who sell eggs, to local beef and pork shares. Finding theses sources is important, since she is currently working to practice a paleo lifestyle. This means she focuses on eating more vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts and eggs instead of sugar, soy, dairy, and grains.

When she’s not in in her kitchen or at the farmer’s market, she’s working on one of many projects around her 1929 home or reading the next great novel.

“I look forward to sharing some of my weekly creations with you through this blog!” – Britt

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