Cooking With Kitchen In the Market
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Cooking With Kitchen In the Market

At American Kitchen, we believe that while it’s important to have all the best practices when it comes to how you source, manufacture, and sell your products, the true test of cookware, the thing that sets it apart, is how it performs in the real world. Call it our “taking it to the streets” philosophy if you like, but for us, what really matters is how our cookware works for people who take their food seriously.

That’s why we love to partner with folks who are doing exciting things in the world of cooking and one of our absolute favorite partners is Kitchen In the Market.

Kitchen in the Market is located in the heart of the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, MN and offers a diverse and fun variety of classes ranging from cooking skills to regional cuisines, competitions, wine pairings, and more. With class titles such as, “Bromance with France”, “Sari…not Sorry”, and “Psychic Suppers”, Kitchen in the Market has become know for it’s entertaining, lively and dare we say, raucous vibe. We absolutely love being partnered with them and having our cookware be an integral part of their awesome venue.

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At the heart of all this fun is KITM’s owner and executive chef, Molly Herrmann. Not only does Molly bring a wealth of culinary expertise to everything that happens at KITM, she and her staff know how to make cooking fun, even for the most unskilled of participants, and they truly excel at involving their entire community in the events they throw.

Recently, some of our staff were able to attend one of their “Food Fight” competitions and had an incredible time. For the event, Molly brought in two local Minneapolis-area chefs, Jordan Shively of Taco Cat, and T.J. Rawitzer from Esker Grove. The class had 12 attendees, who were split into two teams and each chef was charged with utilizing their team to create a meal using only the ingredients provided to them at the start of the competition.

The only constraint they had was that each team was challenged to make the most creative use of one “secret” ingredient, which for this event, was simply plain yogurt.

The evening began with a couple prepared appetizers from each chef along with a few drinks. After the appetizers, the teams worked against each other preparing two additional courses for everyone to share. Imaginations definitely ran wild with the chefs and all of the class attendees not only enjoyed the very “hands-on” experience of cooking in this fast paced environment, but also got to reap the rewards of their labor with dishes such as scallops, shrimp, asparagus, gnocchi, and apple-crusted fried chicken.

In addition to those attending the classes, KITM offers “peanut gallery” tickets for folks who prefer to watch, heckle, have a few drinks, and generally enjoy the experience, if the hands-on cooking vibe is not really their thing.

Everything about Kitchen in the Market is designed to be fun and from start to finish, they deliver on that promise. If you’re in the Minneapolis area, or you’re a foodie who doesn’t mind a little travel for a good time, we highly recommend you check out Kitchen in the Market.

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