How to Build a Cookware Set for Professional, Family & New Chefs
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How to Build a Cookware Set for Professional, Family & New Chefs

Whatever your stage of life, you deserve quality, reliable cookware that supports your needs. Here are top recommendations from American Kitchen for the cookware and bakeware pieces you will need most in different circumstances. Customize your cookware set based on how often you cook, the size of your meals, and the level of expertise and experimentation you’re interested in pursuing in your kitchen!


Stock Your First Kitchen

You just signed the lease on your first apartment or purchased your first home and you couldn’t be more excited. You can’t wait to start decorating, to throw your first dinner party, to transform your new abode into a true home. As exhilarating as embarking on your next great adventure may be, there’s still an awful lot to do. You’ll need fresh towels, maybe a new sofa, and we bet you’ll need pots and pans to stock those kitchen cupboards too. Follow our guide to designing a cookware set with just the right essentials to accommodate your limited space and give you all the tools you need to make delicious meals in your new home.


Non-stick Frying Pan  An essential for any kitchen, a non-stick fry pan promises to be one of the most versatile pieces in your collection. Plus, our PFOA-free non-stick coating is toxin-free and makes for phenomenally easy cleanup.


Sauté Pan  For dinners worth their salt, you’ll need a sauté pan in your culinary arsenal. Sear, braise and fry in a tri-ply wonder from American Kitchen.


Sauce Pan  Every home needs a saucepan. Whether you’re making quick boxed mac and cheese or a decadent homemade alfredo, a dishwasher-safe, high-performance saucepan will be your best friend.


Non-Stick Baking Sheet  A quality non-stick baking sheet can offer you midnight pizza rolls after an awesome night out, grandma’s cookies made your own or roasted veggies for healthy meal prep. Non-stick baking sheets are your oven’s best friend and an absolute necessity for your first apartment.


Nourish Your Growing Family

Children are a blessing, and they also necessitate larger meals. You’ve probably discovered that, as your family grows, so do their appetites, and while you’re delighted to nourish the ones you love, their expanding needs may place the strain on your cookware. To take on the task of feeding a growing family, you’ll need pots and pans that can stand up to daily use. More importantly, you’ll need a cookware with timesaving features that eradicate the need for elbow grease. Follow our guide to designing a cookware set that fits perfectly into your busy home.


Nonstick Cake Pan  Cake pans aren’t just for cake! Use this versatile item to roast a family-sized batch of veggies or bake enough chicken to feed a small army. Reinforced with galvanized steel, our nonstick cake pans hold up to frequent use, so you can reach for them again and again.


Nonstick Baking Sheet  If there’s one thing a growing family needs, it’s cookies! Make ooey-gooey treats, cook up some French fries for the kids, or bake some homemade pizzas with ease on our PFOA-free non-stick surface jelly roll pan.


Stainless Steel Skillet  Quick family stir fry anyone? Or whip up a romantic meal for home date night, or if you can’t get a sitter, put together a macaroni dish the whole family will love. Nothing beats the performance of our tri-ply skillets.


Nonstick Skillet  What’s more quintessentially Saturday morning than eggs and pancakes? Make memories at the brunch table when you effortlessly serve breakfast favorites thanks to our dishwasher safe, PFOA-free nonstick skillets.


Sauce Pan  The right saucepan is versatile enough to give you noodles for the kids or French onion soup for the grown-ups. You’re going to want more than one of our endlessly useful saucepans. With an easy-to-clean satin finish and superior heating technology, saucepans make dinner a breeze.


Stock Pot  Kids love to snack, but parents don’t love the chemicals and preservatives in processed snack foods. Make family-sized batches of health-conscious dishes and stock your fridge with yummy, grab-and-go grub with a stock pot built to last.


Flaunt Your Culinary Prowess

You’re a marination maven, a flambé fiend, a gratin guru. You’re not playing around, and at American Kitchen, we totally get where you’re coming from. Obsessed with high-performance cookware, we pride ourselves on providing versatile, professional-grade pots and pans with all the features you need to make a culinary masterpiece. Follow our guide to build an expertly curated set of top-of-the-line cookware and outfit your kitchen for excellence.


Stainless Steel Fry Pan  Fry up favorites like decadent southern fried chicken, gourmet churros, delectable crab Rangoon. Stun your dinner guests with Michelin-level meals made right in your home. Our tri-ply technology makes for even heating and a superior cooking experience that offers reliable results again and again.


Sauté Pan  A mainstay in professional kitchens, sauté pans get the job done. Any culinary wizard will want to own more than one as they make intricate and complex dishes possible. Plus, our pans are extra durable with ergonomic stay-cool handles, so you can do that cool no-spatula flip trick with ease.


Double Boiler  This is the tool you need for ganache with panache, pudding with a punch and sabayon with some style. Make the silkiest desserts and more with the superior conductivity of American Kitchen cookware. This specialized item will take your cooking to the next level.


Sauce Pan with Steamer Insert  Steam veggies and simmer sauces with a multi-purpose saucepan complete with a precision-fitted steamer insert. A must for any professional-quality kitchen, our saucepans feature superior heating technology for consistent and reliable results, so you can make a culinary masterpiece.


Stock Pot  Sous-vide anyone? Our generously sized stock pot is a versatile tool you’ll reach for whenever you have a big task at hand. Cook pasta to al dente perfection or slow cook a decadent lobster bisque in this high-performance must-have from American Kitchen.


Cast Aluminum Griddle  Press paninis, char some elotes or grill up a juicy chicken breast. If you’re a chef on the quest for perfect grill marks, our cast aluminum griddle will get the job done.


Casserole Pan  Perfect for baking, roasting and slow cooking, a generously sized casserole pan helps professional chefs make the most out of their culinary workspaces. From stovetop to oven, this pan gets the job done.


Didn’t Find a Fit?

If our custom cookware set suggestions didn’t feel like the best fit for your lifestyle needs, take a look at some of our ready-made cookware sets! They’ll feel right at home in your kitchen, and they make popular and convenient gifts for all the home cooks in your life.


5-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set 

Featuring a 2-quart stainless steel saucepan with cover, a 10-inch stainless steel sauté pan with cover, and an 8-inch non-stick fry pan, our 5-piece stainless cookware set is a perfect gift for brand new cooks and an excellent addition to any existing kitchen arsenal.


Make Enough for Leftovers Stainless Steel Cookware Set

This 5-piece cookware set features a selection of pots and pans large enough to take on any culinary task. We’ve included a 3-quart stainless steel saucepan with cover, a 12-inch stainless steel sauté pan with cover, and a 10-inch nonstick fry pan, making this the perfect set to supplement your existing cookware collection.


7-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set

Whether you’re just breaking into baking or you’ve been expertly kneading dough for decades, our 7-piece Nonstick Bakeware Set contains all the baking essentials you’ll need to make flaky pastries and yeasty breads. We’ve included one baking sheet, one large jelly roll pan, one loaf pan, on cake pan, one 12-cup muffin pan, one 9-inch square cake pan and one 9-inch round cake pan, all featuring our safe PFOA-free nonstick coating.

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