Introduction to Induction Cookware
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Introduction to Induction Cookware

What you need to know about induction-friendly cookware.

There’s only one difference between electric and induction cooktops, but it’s a big difference. Electric and gas cooktops use radiant or thermal heat, whereas induction uses an electromagnetic field to heat your cookware directly—while your stovetop stays completely cool. 

Interested in induction? Here are the basics of induction cookware and cooking: 

How induction cooktops work 
Induction cooktops turn your pots and pans into active heating elements through a process called magnetic induction. An electromagnetic field beneath the glass surface interacts directly with the cookware causing heat to build up, which is then conducted from the pan into the food inside. Induction cooktops have become popular because they heat up and adjust to changes in temperature quickly, are energy efficient, and stay cool to the touch. 

Is induction cookware necessary for an induction cooktop? 
Yes, but the definition of “induction cookware” is more straightforward than you might think. As long as your pots and pans are made from a magnetic material like stainless steel, you can usually use them on induction cooktops. But it’s also important to know that not all stainless steel pans sold today are made of magnetic stainless steel. You can tell if your cookware is induction-friendly by placing your cookware on the stovetop surface to see if it magnetizes. A strong magnetic bond indicates a good pot or pan for an induction cooktop. 

What to look for in induction-friendly cookware 

When you’re shopping for induction-friendly cookware, make sure to find pieces with solid, flat bottoms that create complete surface contact between the cookware and the stovetop. Our cookware is constructed with flat bottoms for powerful magnetization. They’re also made from durable tri-ply stainless that harnesses the even cooking and heat control capabilities of induction—just another perk of shopping American Kitchen. 

Now, get your hands on induction cookware 
If you think induction is right for you, you can find the cookware mentioned in this post as well as other induction-ready cookware here. 


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