Simple, yet Delicious Dessert Crepes
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Simple, yet Delicious Dessert Crepes

The holidays are coming up and with that, holiday parties, friendly get-togethers and potlucks. To get ready for those days, today I’m bringing you a recipe that is impressive yet quick & simple. If you can whisk and use a non-stick pan, you can whip up these Dessert Crepes for your guests! 

Crepes are typically considered to be “fancy” and “complicated”, yet that’s anything but true. Realistically, to make great crepes you just need one thing: a great nonstick pan! One pan I’m really loving is this 10-inch Nonstick Frying Pan by American Kitchen and here are my reasons: 

1) The size is perfect for making crepes – not too big, not too small 

2) The nonstick quality really is true to its name – I only greased my frying pan once at the beginning and proceeded to make dozens of crepes 

3) The heat conductivity is pure perfection – crepes cook evenly all over!

Having the ideal cookware really makes recipes like these crepes a cinch. The only trick is, you’ll have to prepare this crepe batter the day before you actually need it. Quick chef tip – letting the batter sit lets the flour hydrate, making for tender crepes, plus the overnight sit lets the sugars liquefy, giving the perfect sweetness this recipe needs. 

To serve these crepes, you can choose whatever your favorite fresh fruit is. For this recipe, I choose the classic combination of sweet strawberries and tart kiwi. When paired with freshly whipped cream, it’s a flavor combination that is perfect with the light crepes. 

Want to make this recipe your own? Add flavorings to your crepe batter! Anything from vanilla extract, orange zest, or a splash of apple cider would give this recipe a boost of flavor that your friends and family will love. You can also finish these crepes by drizzling them with caramel, hot fudge, or simply dusting them with a light coating of powdered sugar. Whatever you choose – they’re delicious and the perfect holiday dessert that’s sure to impress. 

Dessert Crepes 
Yield 12 to 16 crepes, Serves 4 


2 large eggs 
½ cup milk 
¼ cup water 
2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 
¼ cup granulated sugar 
1 cup all-purpose flour 
Fresh berries and whipped cream 


1. Whisk together eggs, milk, water, coconut oil, and sugar. Incorporate flour until smooth. Let batter sit for 2 hours and if possible, overnight. 

To make crepes: 
1. heat nonstick pan and grease with a little butter (for flavor).

2. Pour ¼ cup crepe batter over heated pan and swirl to coat bottom.

3. Flip after one minute and cook for another 30 seconds.

To serve: Tuck freshly sliced fruit and dollop with whipped cream, topping with a sprinkling of toasted almonds. Serve immediately.

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