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The ubiquitous saucepan, and its close relative the saucier, are essential staples of any kitchen. Per their names, these stovetop workhorses help craft delectable sauces, gravies and glazes, yet they’ve also become the go-to pots for soups, pastas, rice, oatmeal, candy-making, and so much more. In response to that timeless, passionate debate of saucepans versus sauciers, American Kitchen brings you a premium selection from both options, knowing that you’ll be delighted with your cookware, whether you choose straight-sides, sloped sides, or both!


Benefits of Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

Celebrate the Differences with the Best Saucepans or Sauciers – or Both!

The versatile, straight-sided saucepan pan can handle any dish you throw its way. Pastas, stews, sauces, puddings and more can be cooked to perfection in this kitchen mainstay by American Kitchen Cookware. Consider our 3-quart premium stainless steel saucepan, made from two layers of professional-grade steel wrapped around a layer of aluminum, creating a surface with superior heat conductivity. There are no hot spots in this saucepan. Thanks to its premium tri-ply construction, this vessel is superb for steaming vegetables with our stainless steel steamer insert, warming side dishes or whipping up a savory spaghetti sauce. Or, pair with our double boiler insert made of 18/10 stainless steel, giving you the freedom to create hollandaise sauces, tempered chocolates and more.

We often hear, “What is a saucier, and do I need one?” Also called a sauteuse, this piece of cookware is a combination of a pot and saute pan. Sloped sides allow you to whisk without corners and are great for liquid circulation. Sauces, reductions, and foods that are normally prone to getting caught in saucepan edges, like risotto and polenta, thrive in this pan. Our 3-quart stainless steel saucier, for instance, offers tremendous versatility with thicker stews as well as custards and sauces. The flared shape permits quick evaporation of liquids and the lack of corners coupled with the smooth satin finish on our American-made product makes cleanup a cinch. Plus, the saucier’s stainless steel handles remain cool to the touch during stovetop cooking. 

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the even heating from tri-ply construction or the outstanding heat retention of our thick cast aluminum pans, American Kitchen Cookware has the best pots and pans for your kitchen. From 1-quart options to large 4-quart pans, our saucepans and sauciers are crafted by local artisans and feature ergonomic handles that stay cook to the touch during stovetop cooking. No matter your cookware needs, American Kitchen Cookware has the perfect solution. We have been cooking up effective and beautiful cookware for decades and we back each piece with our lifetime warranty. Consider a casserole pan, Dutch oven, saute pan, saucepan or saucier as a gift for your favorite chef or get two, and keep one for your own culinary creations!


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Saucepans and Sauciers

Saucepans and Sauciers