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6 quart Premium Stainless Steel Stock Pot Made in USA by American Kitchen Cookware Stainless Steel Lid for 6 quart Premium Stock Pot by American Kitchen Cookware Made in USA 6 quart Premium Stainless Steel Stock Pot Made in USA by American Kitchen Cookware 6 quart Premium Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid Made in USA by American Kitchen Cookware

6-quart Premium Stainless Steel Stock Pot

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This pan’s versatility will delight, whether boiling pasta or potatoes, perfectly heating soups and stews, or creating an exquisite coq au vin for family and friends. You’ll find this 6-quart American Kitchen® tri-ply stainless steel stock pot to be a solid, versatile pillar of your collection. Includes 10-inch stainless steel lid.


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  • Product Details

    Even heating from base to rim means consistent temperatures throughout, with less stirring and scorching, and the recessed stainless steel lid nestles securely into the pan to keep juices and moisture inside, not spattered on your stovetop.

      • Superior heat conductivity and cooking performance with our premium tri-ply construction: Two layers of professional-grade stainless steel wrapped around a layer of aluminumLearn more.
      • Stainless steel handles stay cool to the touch and are riveted tightly to the pan to ensure durability and control
      • Recessed, precision-fitted stainless steel cover reduces spattering.
      • Satin finish means cleanup is a breeze, with no seasoning required.
  • Specifications

    Lifetime Warranty Included  |  Use and Care

    • Diameter 9.4”, length with handles – 13.2”, height (w/o lid) – 4.9”, weight (w/lid) – 4.5 lbs.
    • Dishwasher and oven safe up to 500°F
    • Ideal for any cooking surface, including induction cooktops.
    • Made in the USA using globally sourced materials
    • See more of our stainless steel cookware!
Product Review
2017-04-05 George

American Kitchen’s 6-quart stock pot is well designed and manufactured in the USA. American Kitchen is now my first stop for pots and pans.

2017-02-14 Sally

I needed a new 6 qt pot and who would have thought that finding a suitable one would be so hard. I read many reviews of similar sized pots on the Web and was disappointed to find they all had problems. After researching for days I was getting discouraged. Then, by luck, your Web Site popped up and there was the pot I wanted and it was 25% off! It was the right size, right dimensions, and right construction. It was perfect! I ordered it on the spot. It is beautiful! Almost, too beautiful to use – but, that is what it is for. Yesterday I made a pot of spaghetti sauce and it worked perfectly. I look forward to using this pot for many meals to come. I am also considering purchasing more of your cookware.

2016-12-08 Adrienne Lipman
Adrienne Lipman

Well first there is NO green “review tab” so I took a chance on “Add a review” (not green). I have used my 6 qt. pot one time and it worked as expected. The warnings about cleaning and care were a little daunting! My 80 year old pots (mother’s) finally gave up and I retired them (I’m 77) and never before had to “read” so much in a pamphlet before I made soup. Glad to have it.

American Kitchen Response: Hello Adrienne, Sorry about the tab mixup – we just recently changed the color of the tab to gray. Thanks for letting us know so we can update our email! And our use and care instructions are meant to be helpful not overwhelming. Hopefully you felt they were common sense and you enjoyed the experience and love your new cookware!

2015-11-23 Marilyn Wolgat
Marilyn Wolgat

I make unsweetened grape and blueberry jam in the 6 Qt stockpot which I thicken by simmering until thick. I did not need a heat tamer. These pots did not scorch and I could simmer on medium low. Even unsweetened jam release natural sugars as they cook, which can scorch, but American Kitchen pots don’t get hot spots. I also made applesauce in the 8 qt and found I didn’t have to stir every second. I do not think you can find a better pot. They are built like bricks. Look beautiful. I love them

2015-08-26 Britt Kinder
Britt Kinder

The brushed stainless steel on this pan is beautiful, and it’s size is perfect for making a big batch of soup or chili on a cold day. It’s got a solid bottom and a nice weight to it. I know this pot will last for years, and the possibilities for what I can make in it are endless.

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