10-inch Premium Stainless Steel Skillet

If you love to cook, this 10-inch American Kitchen® tri-ply stainless steel skillet will quickly become indispensable in your kitchen. This pan’s versatility will delight, whether making a savory brunch-time omelet, caramelizing a side of vegetables, or searing scallops to impress family and friends.


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  • Product Details
    Even heating from base to rim means your meats and vegetables will brown and sear at a lower heat without scorching.

    • Superior heat conductivity and cooking performance with our premium tri-ply construction: Two layers of professional-grade stainless steel wrapped around a layer of aluminum. Learn more.
    • Stainless steel handle stays cool to the touch during stovetop cooking and is tightly riveted to the pan to ensure durability and control.
    • Satin finish means cleanup is a breeze, with no seasoning required. 
  • Specifications
    • Length with handle – 18.7”, height – 1.9”, weight – 2.4 lbs.
    • Dishwasher and oven safe up to 500°F.
    • Magnetic stainless exterior is ideal for any cooking surface, including induction cooktops.
    • Also available in cookware sets.
    • Shop our assortment of stainless steel cookware!

    Lifetime Warranty Included | Use & Care

Product Review
2017-04-19 Roch

Outstanding item in quality and the heft is just right for heat conduction and stability. Placing it on stovetop just. Rightens the kitchen! Family members ohh and ahh. Perfect, uses very low heat setting and thickness make thorough cooking without burns.

2017-01-18 Randy

Just got this and the 8″ fry pan – outstanding quality and craftsmanship, nice to find quality cookware that is still made in USA – will be replacing all of current cookware with American Kitchen over this upcoming year – these are my new “go to pans” have now thrown out my old non-stick. Highly recommend A+++++

2016-12-22 P. Wiseman
P. Wiseman

does the job well—heats evenly—well made

2016-10-01 Teresa

Short story: have cooked almost daily with this pan for ~2 months. Yes — wonderfuIly even heat and easy cleanup. Not too heavy for my little wrists/hands. Love the designed curve of the handle, stays cool. Love that it still looks new. Love that it is made in the U.S. Back story: Was fed up with cheap aluminum “nonstick”pans and finally decided to buy quality cookware. A quick internet search revealed — OUCH! — high priced and often “made in China” (shouldn’t that make it cheaper? Just sayin’). Spent a couple weeks hemming and hawing … decided on this one. Absolutely no regrets. I cook on a ceramic top stove. Next purchase will be a stock pot.

2016-07-26 PJB

This pan works extremely well. I am very happy with how it retains heat after adding food, and how even the heat is. I have 2 all-clad pans, but for everything else I will by American Kitchen. Great product!

2016-06-08 Ann Laporte
Ann Laporte

We were introduced to this cookware during the Martha’s Vineyard Food and Wine Fest last month. I was able to secure an 8″ fry pan. We have used the fry pan for many different foods and are very impressed with the quality, how it cooks with many different techniques and it cleans up easily (which is important!). The Chef that cooked our dinner at the Wine & Food Fest was using his own pans that he brought as well as pans from American Kitchen — After cooking with both pans, he too was very impressed with this cookware — That says a lot. I am looking forward to purchasing more of the product line to replace some of my old cookware. I believe the quality and price point of these products vs. some of their competitors (i.e, all-clad, etc) is excellent.

2016-03-20 Vera Campa
Vera Campa

excellent product

2016-03-19 Joy

This is not my first purchase of your product. I have had several other skillets, made out of the country and not cheap, but could not even come close to the quality and use ability of your product. I am an avid “buy American” person and I tell everyone about your product. Only wish I were younger and would have found you sooner. I can’t thank you all enough and keep up the good work.

2015-10-23 Shawn Barto
Shawn Barto 

this is a great pan at a great price. I am a Taste of Home Volunteer Field Editor, so i am always trying and developing new recipes. This pan heated quickly and easily, and held it’s temperature even on low heat. It cleaned easily with only soap and water, no scrubbing necessary. All in all, a great investment.

2015-10-22 Janie Zirbser Taste of Home Volunteer Field Editor
Janie Zirbser Taste of Home Volunteer Field Editor

Very Happy with the Performance of this Skillet. It has a very nice weight. Perfect heat level for a perfect sear. Love the extended Handle and the fact that it can go from Stove right into the Oven.

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