10-inch Stainless Steel Lid


Avoid the spattering when frying or searing. This 10-inch recessed tri-ply stainless steel lid helps ensure moisture stays in the pan, keeping meats and vegetables moist and flavorful.

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Product Review
2016-12-22 P. Wiseman
P. Wiseman

perfect fit—well made

2016-06-05 R. Bentley
R. Bentley

This lid fits a variety of different pans/pots I have in my kitchen. It is a good quality material and the handle is easy to grab and does not get so hot you have to use a pot holder. I highly recommend this lid.

2015-11-18 Ann Sheehy
Ann Sheehy

I bought this product to go with my fantastic non-stick 10-inch skillet. It fits perfectly and it’s a high-quality product. It comes in handy when making frittatas shortening the cooking time on the stovetop and for preventing splatters. I am glad I ordered this product. As a Volunteer Field Editor at Taste of Home, I highly recommend this stainless steel lid.

2015-11-17 Joan Hallford
Joan Hallford

So many times a recipe calls for covering a pan and letting it simmer. This lid is perfect. I love it because it fits nice and tight and it can be lifted up without a pot holder. I’m very happy with this lid and highly recommend it.

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