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So Many Reasons to Choose a Sauté Pan!

The sauté pan’s wide base adds to the overall weight, creating a heavier piece of cookware which helps to retain heat and provide stability as the pan is moved from stovetop to oven. The pan’s straight sides offer a dual purpose; keeping liquid from splashing out of the pan and creating a tight lid fit to slow evaporation. Consider our 12-inch tri-ply stainless steel sauté pan. Made with professional-grade stainless steel wrapped around a layer of aluminum, this 6.4-quart capacity sauté pan has deep, straight sides, and a 12-inch stainless steel lid. You can comfortably fit 12 pieces of chicken for searing or frying in one batch, and the resulting moisture will stay inside the pan with less spattering. An extra riveted side handle makes it easy to transfer to the stove or carry to the table.

Preparing to braise or sauté? Try our 12” nonstick cast aluminum sauté pan. Thick cast aluminum construction maintains consistent heat from base to rim for even cooking while the nonstick coating provides quick food release. Ergonomically designed handles and knobs remain cool to the touch on stovetop cooking and the tempered glass cover is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, effectively reducing spatter. Suitable for gas, glass and electric cooktops, this sauté pan can almost do the cooking for you.

Oven safe, American Kitchen’s sauté pans allow you the flexibility and freedom of the one-pan meal. What a relief to have less to clean after cooking! And to make it even better, the satin finish on our stainless sauté pans and the PFOA-free Eterna nonstick coating on our nonstick sauté pans guarantee quick cleanup. Plus, both are dishwasher safe! Less time scrubbing means more time doing something you love. From our sauté pans to Dutch ovens, saucepans to skillets, American Kitchen Cookware’s handcrafted cookware lines work hard so that your casseroles, roasts, omelets, fillets and other masterpieces are perfect every meal.