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Why Buy Stainless Steel Cookware?

The workhorse of all cookware, American Kitchen’s stainless steel cookware collection enjoys its well-deserved reputation. Forming the renowned tri-ply construction are two layers of professional-grade stainless steel wrapped around a solid aluminum core. Each ‘ingredient’ provides critical components to every piece - even heat distribution and retention through the aluminum, and induction stove compatibility with the exterior/magnetic layer of stainless steel.

What does that actually mean? It means that our carefully constructed, high-grade materials create cookware that is extraordinarily durable. With proper use and care, our stainless steel cookware won’t rust, won’t react to acidic foods, is resistant to stains, can be used on high heat, can be used on any cooking surface, AND can be used under the broiler. It is oven safe to 500 degrees and can even go in the dishwasher. Plus, you’ll never need to guess what size pan you need to use for a recipe since capacity is clearly etched on the bottom of every piece.

With no seasoning required, American Kitchen’s stainless steel cookware is ready to perform, whether searing, browning, sautéing or more. Many pieces in our stainless steel cookware collection include recessed, precision-fitted stainless steel lids; not only do they reduce the inevitable cooking splatter, but their eye-catching satin finish lends itself to easy cleanup, an appealing feature for every cook. Riveted stainless steel handles provide control and durability and have the added benefit of staying cool to the touch during stovetop cooking.

Blend American Kitchen Cookware’s attention to detail, local craftsmanship and reliable performance with your joy of cooking today. We know you’ll find the perfect recipe in our stainless steel cookware, cast aluminum cookware and nonstick cookware collections. Also, be sure to visit our blog for recipes, tips and inspiration!